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"Lowell has done a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of central Florida's pioneers."

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Spreadin' Joy
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Spreadin' Joy
by Lowell Teal

Heartwarming joy enters one’s life in many ways, but seldom more so than when receiving a blissfully happy puppy. Days, months, and years become filled with genuine happiness for a dog lover when coupled with just the right pet.

These happy days then become clouded with unspeakable sorrow with that pet’s demise. Such was the case when my beloved Gus died.

Gus was more than a pet. He was filled with a love that was pure and faithful, regardless of treatment. Any offender was always offered another and another and another chance. Gus’s love never wavered.

His love had no strings attached. He was happy simply palling around with someone else, although he’d much rather have been playing ball, swimming, or eating oranges.

During his life, he transformed a great many of my usual habits. I found myself not having to put in as many hours at the office, not sleeping so late in the morning, not really wanting to leave him in his pen when I wasn’t home. You must understand that I was a grown man when he came into my life. He was truly my buddy!

Do you think this was childish? Perhaps, but without a doubt, during his life my own quality of life was greatly enhanced. Did I learn anything from his example? Certainly.

I learned how deep unconditional love really is.

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