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Inherited Journey: A Powerful Legacy of Courage, Love And Selfless Giving
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A Happy Heart Is A Good Medicine
by Lowell Teal

At best, the average person lives under stressful conditions in today's world. Even a simple life, if allowed, can become weary. Humankind of all ages must not only deal with ordinary everyday problems, but also the continually recurring tensions and hurt from past failure, frustration and humiliation.

Coping in an increasingly complex and fast-paced society can create an unspeakable sense of inadequacy to handle even basic problems, which unfortunately present themselves in bunches, never one at a time. Problems surfacing too fast seem to have no solution, and we feel hopelessly shackled when we are without immediate answers.

The endless search for solution produces anxieties which build and appear insurmountable. These anxieties originate through feelings of insecurity, fear and guilt; financial woes; the process of aging; resurfacing failures, dreads, hatreds; the competitive nature of our society and the ingrained mental posture of success, always, and at any cost; unpleasant personal interactions with others; and, of course, the ever present job insecurity. Regardless of our strengths, we've shared some of these feelings either openly or privately. On an occasional basis these feelings are natural. Natural, that is, if we choose not to allow our response to them to rule our lives.

The purpose of this book is to assist the development of one's ability to look beyond short-term hurdles and focus on the acceptable goal of attaining a successful, productive, and happy life. One secret toward achieving this goal is the development of "a happy heart," for A HAPPY HEART IS A GOOD MEDICINE.