Lowell Teal - Author of the Bath Pond Series
"Lowell has done a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of central Florida's pioneers."

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Bath Pond
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Going Home by Lowell Teal
An Inspiring Story of Selfless Courage and Life-Changing Determination

Resulting from untimely deaths and the infirmities of old age Derek Davidson is forced into a major role reversal within the Foundations. The hospitals in Florida and out west are flourishing and under constant revision to accommodate new patients. The demands from the Assisted Living Facilities furnishing a substantial portion of the finances for the hospitals are ever expanding asking for more. The entertainment chores are now largely the responsibility of Derek's son Rob and his group of singers. They seem to be wearing out a new jet each year.

Rob thought including Federal prisons into their schedule might have a favorable effect on the inmates. This effort then moved into military hospitals in the United States and overseas by request. The military quickly mushroomed into service men actually fighting overseas. A never ending exhausting group of performances.

Everything was growing including Rob's wedding and subsequent twins. Because of the demands of their employment someone was in the air at almost every moment. The crowning achievement was their invitation to entertain at the White House.

Each performer and administrator was at ease feeling that God, himself, was working in and through each of them attempting to comfort and strengthen not only those older folks in Assisted Living Facilities but the fighting service men also. Bringing joy to these folks was known as "Servant Stewardship" by each of them. The entertainers felt they were the real winners!

Bath Pond

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Bath Pond