Lowell Teal - Author of the Bath Pond Series

"Lowell has done a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of central Florida's pioneers."

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Reader Comments
Read what others are saying about Bath Pond. (Have you read this book? Your own comments would be most appreciated!)

Bath Pond"I was up until 3 am finishing Bath Pond. My parents drummed into me how hard the Depression was, and how we should beware its return. They taught me their chant: "Use it up, wear it out, save, save, save!" Bath Pond takes a different perspective, one I hadn't considered previously." DK - Asheville, NC

"I couldn't put Bath Pond down. I laughed, cried and determined that I knew many of those people. What a wonderful book!"
- DW - Orlando, FL

"I read Bath Pond and was captivated with its picture of a life never known by many of the residents of this area. Of an almost lost way of doing business - when a man's word and a handshake were good; when employers viewed employees as much more than just an asset to be used; when employees were willing to actually work for their paycheck."
- SV - West Orange Library

"I spent the Super Bowl weekend reading Bath Pond. Never have I been flooded with such memories of my childhood. It almost makes me wish for the old days when a person's word was better than a written contract and honor meant everything."
- TR - WG

"...Bath Pond...truly touched my heart. As a child growing up in the latter days of "The Great Depression," it brought tears to my eyes as well as fond memories."
- JA - Clermont, FL

"Bath Pond was delightful. I felt I knew Garrett. The boiling of beef stew in a mason jar to sweat out the broth - I had not thought of that in so many years. My grandmother kept my grandfather alive for five years 'sweating out beef broth.' I remember it so vividly now...."
- AHW - Winter Garden

"What a fantastic novel! The characters were so warm, and honest, and realistic."
- GC - Ann Arbor, MI

"...I read until my eyes hurt and I had to put in down, but I am almost finished. I will finish this afternoon and look forward to it. Thanks for such a moving and poignant story about people who lived where I grew up...It is truly a wonderful literary morsel."
- Bill B

"Bath Pond is a 'don't want to put it down' book. You wove a great story with lessons worth learning at any age."
- JoAnn B - NYC

"I thoroughly enjoyed your work. It was readable, poignant and quite well-structured. I thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling. Thanks for sharing this with the world."
- BB - New York

"In Bath Pond, Lowell Teal takes us back on a nostalgic trip to Florida roots of a century ago. He delightfully depicts familiar characters who tell the story of the charming culture of southern life as it was and still often is. You can feel the Florida sun, smell the orange blossoms and hear the vernacular of yesteryear unfold in the story of by-gone days."
- AH - Apopka, FL

"The book, Bath Pond, captures one's attention in the very early pages: as the story unfolds the reader feels he or she is living among the experiences and struggles of the people portrayed on its pages. People whose love, faith, hope and dreams carried them through the "Great Depression." Hard work, loyalty to each other and generosity amid extreme poverty revealed the secret of their ultimate victory over those years of struggle and hard times. A book to re-read as you learn how to live amid the problems of your own life."
- SS (retired Methodist minister) - Lakeland, FL

"Bath Pond is a book that will take you back into another time when life was simpler. The work was physically harder but spiritually higher. A time when you didn't lock your doors and you know help was as close as the neighbor. Lowell Teal has done a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of central Florida's pioneers. It is my favorite gift to give and I can't wait for the movie."
- DD - Windermere, FL

"The cover is beautiful and it perfectly reflects the contents...Bath Pond has drama, a good narrative drive and it's an interesting sociological treatise as well. It's a real glimpse of a Florida gone by."
- RM

"I just finished Bath Pond and loved it! You have a nice writing style and the characters make it a hard-to-put-down book. It is 3 a.m. and no I'm not getting up. I had to finish THE story. Your book was that engrossing! Good night."
- GA

"Being a stock broker I lead a stressful life. Bath Pond is so restful to read - plus I don't want the story to end - that I limit myself to only about 30 pages each night for relaxation. I know it will end but I don't want it to. It should be a movie because it is thoroughly a wonderful story."
- PR - Miami