Lowell Teal - Author of the Bath Pond Series

"Lowell has done a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of central Florida's pioneers."
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Bath Pond
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Bath Pond was named winner in 2006 President's Book Awards from the Florida Publishers Association in recognition of excellence in publishing.

Bath Pond, written by Lowell Teal, on right in picture below, was recently honored by the Florida Publishers Association at the annual President's Book Awards handed out in Naples, FL on August 19, 2006.  Named the 2006 winner in the best Florida fiction category, Bath Pond published in 2005 was highlighted as, "a heart-warming story of an early Florida family."

Bath Pond

Bath Pond is a one-of-a-kind story of poverty during the Depression years and emergence from it, as well as a heart-warming story of unspeakable sadness and enduring love arising from personal tragedy.  The adversity, the warmth, and the determination combine for a great, feel-good read.  Florida's first settlers were rugged.  Adventurous souls, men and women willing to claw a meager living from marginal land largely uninhabited, save the Seminoles.  Abundant wild game, fish and cattle sustained the early settlers.  The Florida Publishers Association recognized that Bath Pond was the most successful in achieving its purpose and meeting its intended audience's needs.

Each year the Florida Publishers Association seeks to recognize the best books produced by its member publishers and authors in the prior two-year period.  Open only to FPA members, The President's Book Awards are presented to those books deemed to be the best in their respective genres from the larger number of books submitted.

For over 25 years FPA has fulfilled its mission of educating and supporting the book publishing industry, while taking a strong stance on first amendment issues.

Bath Pond